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  -   Level 6 Floor 4 Peice Competition -Bodmin. 24th April 2016.


  -   Level 5 Floor and vault Competition - Helston. 15th May 2016


  -   In-house Competition - ZGA. 22nd May 2016

Zero Gravity



Autumn 2015 Newsletter

As most of you now know, we are holding our fifth in-house floor and vault competition on Sunday 22nd May. The entry deadline is Saturday 30th April. (last entry to be made by 1pm.) Please note that we will not accept late entries and the entry fee is non-refundable after the closing date. Routines and sequences are available to take home.


If any parent would like to volunteer to help out on the day please see Rachael at Reception or sign up via the sign up sheet on the noticeboard. Also we are looking for donations for raffle prizes - books, gifts, wine, chocolates, anything new! All help and donations would be greatly appreciated.


This is probably a good time to also spill the beans on the reason for our fund raising targets and our impending quest for voluntary "slave labour"....or general assistance!!


Im really pleased to be able to finally tell you that after a year of planning, I and my brilliant team have now completed plans to enable the construction of foam landing pits to fit into our jigsaw gymnasium! We have pulled together the necessary funds to meet the cost of £3,700 for the actual timber with the very generous assistance of Bond's who have offered us £800 off the total invoice.

Foam costs are coming in at approx £5,600 with a total requirement of 25 cubic metres of 3,600 foam logs! This may sound substantial but we have reduced the actual capacity require by using the large foam blocks we currently have a "base layer" which would be cheaper for us to replace at a later date.


At the moment we are not in a position to place an order for the foam block filling and are now looking at a full scale fund raising operation to meet the gap with the planned competition as an intial step and at this point would like to open the "flood gates" with any suggestions to meet our target...We have a few whizz ideas which we'll release details on shortly.


The Gym plans will involve clearing the rear corner for the relocation of the assymetric bars which will start soon!

The pit is essential a large tank of timber construction with dimensions and weight this case 11m x 5m x 1.5m depth but with strict dimensions and angles for the safe teaching of gymnastic skills and is a far cheaper option than digging a sunken pit.

The plans involve the construction running alongside the gym floor on one side and the outer wall on the other. Two small trampolines and single high bar will be fitted at pit level with a coaching/training walkway running the length. A crawling tunnel is being incorporated below the above walkway. The acrotramp and vault run will be switched over to allow access to both fire exits for safety purposes.

Mirrors and a ballet bar will be fitted to part of the timber wall on the gym floor side whilst further along, heavy foam blocks and slopes against the wall will enable higher level Freerunning skills with safe landings on the sprung floor.


I believe that a pit incorporating gymnastics, team events, indoor assault course with Freestyle / Freerunning would be a terrific advocate for all ages with the aim of drawing families together in fun physical challenges on wet windy afternoons.


Could we please ask if anyone knows of any person or company who may like to have advertising space on the back wall for a donation or who may be interested in helping us fundraise then please do let any one of us know. Any offer of assistance would be greatly appreciated. One end of the wall will become a designated  graffiti wall which any helper may sign - although polite language only please!



We are pleased to announce that the new tracksuits have arrived! We are now taking orders and do have sample sizes to try on.

Please note that the tracksuit is compulsory for all competitive gymnasts and trampolinists. Split payment is available but must be paid in full before order is sent off














Congratulations to Annabella for becoming the Gymnast of the Term - Spring Term 2016. Awarded for her dedication to better herself, overcome her fears and a solid term of pushing herself that little extra every session. Her confidence and self belief has soared in the last few months. Congratulations from everyone at ZGA!















Congratulations to Casey and Eva for being presented ZGA Recognition Awards! From being anxious of trying anything and hardly speaking in class, the twins have grown over the last few terms into bouncy, energetic FreeG gymnasts eager to try new skills (including somersaults) and never giving in

Well done girls from all of us at ZGA!

IMG_0991 DSC_1066



Could we please remind parents that children's earrings need to be either removed or taped over BEFORE they enter the gym with either earring tape or regular plasters. In the last term we have going through over 500 plasters!!

Trampolining Success


We would like to say a huge congratulations to Madison Jones who compeeted in Bath for the Team Qualifiers last week.

11-12 years Level 1 gold medallist and selected for the South West Squad! well done Madison from us all at ZGA!!!

Unknown Spring 2016 Newsletter