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Dear all and a cheery hi to everyone who is sitting down to read this.


The weeks are passing by, Rachael has been busy keeping up to date with your queries and questions via email and face book with much still going on in the background. The Gym is very quiet, the annual spring clean is happening earlier than anticipated and judging by the size of the cobwebs appearing in unusually obscure places, our internal spider residents are not seemingly bothered with the rules of social distancing and isolation. I need a ladder, a longer nozzle than Henry hoover allows and an alternative housing solution for our eight legged friends!!


I'm sure many of you are wandering if we were fortunate enough to receive the government grant aimed to assist the leisure industry and the answer is “yes” we eventually did.

It wasn’t a wholly straightforward process as we appeared to fall into an administrative loophole and with club survival at risk, instead attacked the problem with fierce determination. Following days of intense research, many lengthy phone calls, frustrated ‘mumbling' and emails, including the Council, VOA and local MP, common sense and justice prevailed and the Gym Club received the grant.

I think Rachael and I developed a few more wrinkles and grey hairs in the process and the day to day running of admin, general business, tax, and programme planning etc has of course continued.


At this point I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks for those of you continuing to meet your Direct Debits without which, the very continuance of ZG as a business would be in serious jeopardy. We still need to meet Rent, Insurance, Utilities, and Commitments and your support is our current lifeline.

We do fully appreciate the difficulty we all face and also hope that for those who have had to give notice, that perhaps we see you return again in the future.


One of the problems we generally face is the clear understanding of our club policy of  a  40 week timetable with payments spread across 12 months.

With lockdown and unscheduled closure, a lot of queries have arisen regarding number of sessions due and fees etc, relating to your child.

In looking at this, I have drawn up a schedule showing sessions, costs and payments, based on the average attendance of 1 per week. Figures will fluctuate for those on extended hours but It shows how the August fee meets the 40 week programme and in Covid 19 circumstances exactly how much credit will show on our system for your child.


Half Terms, Christmas and Easter breaks create fewer sessions over related months, hence payments are frequently in arrears until August. In

this case of Covid conditions, they are mainly showing a plus as we closed following the end of week 25.




Payment      Sessions         Cost per          Amount Paid For         Cost Of Completed      Cost To End      Cost Of Difference      Number Of

Month        Completed        Session         Session Completed              Sessions                   March              In Fees Paid          Session Due


March             25                  £6.95                 £162,12                      £173.75                 -£18.85              - £11.75                     0

April               25                  £6.95                 £185.28                      £173.75                 -£18.85              + £11.53                    1.6

May                25                  £6.95                 £208.44                      £173.75                 -£18.85              + £34.69                    4.9


June               25                  £6.95                 £231.60                      £173.75                 -£18.85              + £57.85                    8.3

July                25                  £6.95                 £254.76                      £173.75                 -£18.85              + £81.01                    11.6

August           25                  £6.95                 £277.92                      £173.75                 -£18.85              + £104.17                  14.98



A phased return is anticipated in June and will be in line with Government Guidelines, Ofsted Regulations  and British Gymnastic Guidance .

Missed Sessions Due -  Can Be Taken As An Additional Booking In The Week Where There Is Space And Within The Extended Term Ending.

VOUCHERS FOR FREE SESSIONS  - For Current Club Members - Now Printed - Valid To December 31st 2020

                                                                    10 Tutored Sessions — Value £69.50

                                                                    10 Open Sessions    — Value  £100.00      





                     Annual Club Membership - Effective September 1st  (Fee £18 - goes towards annual insurance costs of £7,800 for 2019 / 2020)

                     This Discount will added against your Childs name on our system - to be applied in September


                                                                 April  2020  Discount  @  £4 per club member

                                                                 May  2020   Discount  @ £4    (£8 per club member)

                                                                 June 2020   Discount  @ £4        (£12 per club member)

In anticipation of a phased return in line with schools, we will publish an alternative short term programme with sessions am / pm and evening to cater for reduced numbers in each class session. This will be done immediately on the lifting of restrictions and in accordance with both Government and British Gymnastics guidelines.

It is highly probable that entry numbers into the gym will be restricted and a staggered timetable implemented.

Entry to the building will be via the usual front door - entry to the Gym via the front gym door.

Exit from the building will be via the rear stairs and rear staff door - exit from the Gym, via the rear cafe door.

The large upstairs party room will be an additional waiting and changing area.

BOUNCE ‘A’ THON - With Station Rotations -


For any Child / Sibling  and adventurous Parent / Grandparent prepared to take up a challenge!

Each Trampoline will have a specific activity or skill clearly displayed with a time allocation for number and score achievement - Total 6 Trampolines.


Activities and skills will be varied depending on number of days the Bounce “A’ Thon runs for.

Sponsorship forms will be available for those wanting a ‘Super Challenge”.

There will be a Zero charge but we are aiming to raise funds for our local NHS and Cornwall Air Ambulance. Every penny raised will go to these causes and to a specific account to be set up in readiness.

Please talk to your children to see if they would like to become involved and feel free to throw back any additional ideas. Timed Obstacle Circuits / Active Stations - All can be considered for inclusion.

Help Us To Help Those Who Help Us And Show That We As A Club Can ‘Bounce Back’                                              



A new concept of agility training - Run on a half termly programme - small groups - R/Yr 1  / Yr 1/2 / Yr 2/3

Based on Speed / Rotation / Balance / Agility / Jumping / Rolling / Strength / Co ordination -

Based around the Pit Area And Free Running Blocks - Using Height, Distance, Ropes , Rope Ladders etc, under the expert guidance and tuition of Steve.

Children in Yr 3/4 and above would be encouraged to join the Junior Freestyle Session on Monday which will also incorporate all of the above.                                                    

Pro-action and Other Plans Pending



In readiness for the Autumn Term and return to our normal timetable, we will be looking for any youngsters with the potential and enthusiasm to join our current competitive teams . In particular we will be aiming for -


                        TRAMPOLINE - at Club Level

                        GYMNASTICS / TUMBLING at Club and County Level

                        ACROBATIC GYMNASTICS at Club and Regional Level


Please do talk to your children and confirm interest to Rachael via email.

Please do note that specific session times are allocated to development training and specific age groups are allocated within these sessions.

Development training is a steady long term programme with a gradual increase in the number of hours, vital for physical and mental achievement.

Spaces are limited.

ADULT EVENING SESSION - Thursday evenings - Open sessions

Gymnastic Skills / Trampolining / Strength / Agility Circuits / Flexibility / Cardio Wall / Free Running / Free Style

Simply - Have Fun, Get Fit …or Fitter - tension download!






COACHING STAFF - Kirsten will be returning from Maternity Leave and a new Level 3 member of staff will be joining us in September.                                                    

I believe that covers everything that is currently scheduled for new additions. In the interim period between now and returning, please feel free to encourage your youngsters to join in our ZOOM CLASSES under the guidance of Indy and Rachael.

Badge sessions are currently running with many passing their skill levels.

Additionally the  ZG Covid 19 Training - Face Book page - Where BG Work Cards and Activities Are Available.


Finally, I offer a huge thanks personally to you as parents for your continued support to ZG as your club, to enable ZG to survive as a club and your help towards maintaining the Coaches for the continuance of your club. Without your support, the grant is not enough for us to survive beyond June.


Also a heart felt public thanks to Indy for all her efforts in the instigation and setting up of the ZOOM CLASSES and for her efforts in maintaining the interests of your children. She is doing an absolutely sterling job.

Many thanks also to Rachael for being on call at all obscure hours, for emails, calls, zoom sessions despite her aches and particularly for when I disturb her for answers that can’t wait in the mountainous problems we’ve dealt with.


Please do all continue to stay safe and fit and we hope to see you all in the very near future.


My very best wishes to everyone.



(Head Coach / Director / Business Management)                                                  


Check out our zoom classes!

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