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15th January 2017 - Trampoline Regional Grading


22nd January - In-House Preparatory 3 Piece


5th February 2017 - Schools Trampoline Competition


12th February 2017 - Level 6,5,4,3,2,1 Floor and Vault


26th February 2017 - Trampoline Regional Grading


19th March 2017 - Regional Teams Qualifiers (Trampoline)


30th April 2017 - Level 7 and 6 4 Four Piece Competition


21st May 2017 - Level 5,4,3,2,1 Four Piece Competition


16th-18th June 2017 - Trampoline Team Finals/NDP Qualifiers


25th June 2017 - In-House Recreational  Competition


7th-9th July 2017 - Trampoline NDP Finals


July 2017 - Preparatory 3 Piece


Zero Gravity



Autumn 2015 Newsletter



15 Girls from our competitive group competed in Penzance on Sunday 4th December for the Wome's Artistic NDP Grading


The girls competed on all four peices of apparatus; bars, beam, floor and vault plus a range and conditioning routine to achieve a set score in order to pass their grades. All 15 girls passed or passed with highly commended.


Maddison Wood, Ebrenn Hume, Lucy Hellingsworth and Mollie Yorke-Dunne were entered into Grade 6 and passed. Amelia Reynolds, Anna Lane, Imogen Adams and Roxanne Sargent passed Grade 6 with highly commended.


Aimee Quiton and Yasmin Colton were entered into Grade 5 and passed. Eve Truscott (also Grade 5) passed with highly commended.



We've been crowned champions of the Cornish Christmas Cup 2016!!


Round 1 - Set 1 U7's

2nd Isla Stannard-Heap (only 5!)


Round 1- Set 1 U9's

1st Ava-Grace Carnegie

3rd Olivia Jones


Round 2 - Set 1 U11's

1st Lily Adams

2nd Blossom Congdon

5th Evie Smith


Round 3 - Set 1 U13's

1st Emillie Hughes

5th Lucy Murray


Overall winner of Set 1 - Lily Adams 1st, Blossom Congdon 2nd and Ava-Grace Carnegie 3rd.


Round 4 - Set 2 U9's

1st Oliver Vine

4th Tabitha Weaver


Round 4 - Set 2 U11's

1st Daisy Heal

2nd Lily Dietz

4th Georgina Graves


Round 4 - Set 2 U13's

1st Arran Stannard-Heap

2nd Millie Vine

5th Hattie Heal


Round 4 - Set 2 13+

2nd Millie Heal


Everyone had a great day and a big thank you to Jo Vine, Alivia Coles - judging and Cathy Coles - Recording and Madison Vine Assistant Coach on floor all day.

Spring 2016 Newsletter gym grading december 2016



Did you see us on BBC Spotlight and in the Plymouth Herald? (We’re famous!) We also featured on Radio Cornwall and Radio Devon!

It was great coverage of the foam pit and raised awareness that the prisoners at Dartmoor prison helped to construct the main frames. Representatives came down from British Gymnastics and Dartmoor Prison for the day and the Mayor made an appearance!
























As all of you are aware, parking at the main gym is always a nightmare. To alleviate the issue please:


1. Park behind the building from 5pm and on weekends. There is more than 30 spaces around the back!!

2. Park close to the building to allow cars to park behind.

3. Park at a sensible distance next to another car (1 metre between each car is too excessive!) Please note that if your car is not parked sensibly, ZGA will take no responsibility if parking tickets are issued.


Autumn 2016 Newsletter Read the full story here